Welcome to my site! Thank you so much for being part of this ministry since March of 2018 when I first made the Art Frames and starting offering them as a gift. This is a simple website experience where I share my cross illuminated art frames and give each visitor a chance to enter a drawing for one of my posted art images in a frame as supply is available. Check the NEW ART page to see if a drawing is available. If there are art frames posted you have a chance!

I use recycled items to make most of my art and the artwork itself is made one by one by hand. It is a labor of love and has a special purpose which is to share with others what was shared with me, Salvation that starts at the Cross of Calvary.

Now we don’t offer anything for sale and we don’t ask for donations of any kind, but we do have links for the non-profits we give to and we update these from time to time. I really do suggest taking the time to review these organizations and consider changing peoples lives so GOD will get the Glory.

I am personally illuminated by the cross in my art and since it was shared with me and helped change my life and my artistic creativity, I like to share it with others as well as my personal ministry to find ways to share and change lives, one by one. As I am blessed, I am driven to bless others in this way.

So enjoy the site, read, view and share. If your life is changed and illuminated in some way, let me know.

I hope you have a smile in your heart each day, and I pray I have been a part of that smile. May your life be blessed with every breath. I appreciate you sharing my website with others and please don’t forget to review my blog page.

Artist Sharon Smith