The Change of Scenes

It is May and the winds of March and April are moving along the earth in the North Americas as the temperature begins to warm up. This Spring instead of the ocean waves being tossed a bit higher and more frequent along a sandy beach against a Pacific Ocean backdrop, they have been transformed into winds in the high desert of California where GOD has chosen me to live in this current season of my life. Living for years in a coastal city is quite different than a High Desert small community. The Beach is not the sandy hills where surf boards once were riding the waves now they have been replaced with various engine powered sand surfers that kick up the land, make visible tracks and encounter the terrain. A place where the fun of a shell on the beach has turned into the embrace of a tumbleweed. Where the term it is a hot day in the California Sun to I live in an Oven and I started to believe in the Swamp Cooler instead of the Air conditioner.

It is a 100 miles as far as you can see in any direction to other civilization and at 4000 ft above what was for many years sea level life. It is Hotter when it is Hot, Colder when it is Cold and much more windy that I expected, but it has a new charm to me that I never realized.

When I started to make my Cross Illuminated Art, I felt a change in my heart. I knew GOD, I knew the story of Jesus Christ who went to the Cross, who died for our sins, who resurrected to overcome death and sin for us all who believe and then Ascended to make a place for us, to prepare to return not to save the world like his last visit, but to make the transformation for the Glory of GOD and to fulfill his story of Love for his Father and for us ALL, if we would just believe.

I recently received a Bible Study Book set which focused on the Parables of Jesus which has a book and a workbook. My Husband and I do small group Bible Study at home, as we two are the small group. It is a learning experience that I enjoy. We read the subject book, then do the workbook and we discuss the text along with the Bible scriptures associated with the book and workbook. Then we discuss what we read in GOD’s word. My husband says everyone should read the bible, once through end to end and then once again through ourselves. I was puzzled when he first made the statement, but in the Bible Study I realize what he means, by reading the scriptures and then having discussion of what I, independently of anyone else including him read, I can express what I believe it is telling my heart. It does not mean I am right or wrong, but it does point out where the influence of the world and GOD’s word truly clash. Often sadly it also points our why the Cross is not as Illuminated in our Hearts as it once was for so many. It also helps me to be more driven to create these art frames and get them out in to the hand of not only the unbeliever’s but also the believers. For so many have lost what the Cross really means to the now of their lives and to their futures here and in the eternal life that is still waiting for us all.

In the book study we are currently in, the book is called “PARABLES” by John MacArthur published by Thomas Nelson. The associated workbook is the same name by the same author and from the same publisher. Te title of this blog as the change of scenes comes from reading this book. It was the transformation of the environment of the people around Jesus that lead to the use of Parables.

It was the change of scene for my art to go from the busy life of a large city by the bay to a small community in a high isolated desert that gave me the view of my life and the view that I was not looking at the cross, but instead I was looking at the world. My change of scene became more than just one change, it became a transforming change, in my life, my art, how I look at everything around me. Most importantly how I looked at the cross, not as a dull, familiar symbol of a life in the past, but the illuminated symbol of the Hope that I had lived that was passing me by in the world. The Cross was the start point of a Life that would be eternal here, now and forever.

My tag line, “None Brighter than the Son” comes from this transformation where the change of scene for me became my reality. I highly recommend taking the time regardless of easy excuses we have for not having any time, to stop, grab a partner or join a local study group in Christ and get this study or some study that will get the Cross of Calvary in front of your view of life and see if it has been dulled in the eye of your heart for too long and get the Illumination of the Cross to be Bright once again.

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Focus on GOD through Jesus Christ, daily. If you will give GOD the focus, he will show you the reason he created you and if you commit your works to him, he will place the thoughts in your heart so you know what you should be accomplishing in your life.

God Bless and may his face shine upon you,

Artist Sharon Smith