Changing of the Guard

Of the 4 seasons around us Fall is the top of the list I find. The changes come with a subtle shift in the colors of the tree leaves as the trees start the shedding for their winter look. Even the creeping and fly creatures are so busy getting ready for the hibernation time,  getting the last week of supplies, making preparations for the rain or the cold days of freezing and snow.

Jack Rabbits are out in the scrub of the desert and they are larger than life, but running with a thicker coats and away from a hungry hawk that watches them as gifts of plenty provided before them to pick and choose.

Summer is putting tucking in the long days, packing the sun tan lotion and switching the time of  long sunsets which used to come late in the day. Fall brings the trumpet of the chilled morning, the new coat on a now red face and runny noses seeking the next tissue or lose shirt sleeve.

When Christ was hung on the cross, He was the symbol of the changing of the guard in the seasons of our lives. We would not need to sacrifice an animal to gain forgiveness for our every sin and we would learn of real salvation. We would still struggle against the sin’s that plague us, but we need not wait for an invitation to go before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and ask for our needs in our times of trouble, ask to be included in the payment for sin, our sin. That which nailed our Savior on the Cross, by his choice, he went to the Cross for us of his own, our sin drove the nails to hold him there.

Jesus performed the changing of the guard for the seasons of our lives with His life out of Love. The veil was torn so we could go boldly to the Throne of Grace and seek Mercy and a portion of Grace in our time of needs, making it possible for all to have the same chances. We now can come directly to our Holy Father by embracing our Risen Savior who now prays in constant intercession for us at His right hand.

We were not left orphans, but given the Holy Spirit which helps us know what we ought to do, what to pray, and how to know the the will of GOD for our lives. So great is the gift of the Holy Spirit, it will pray for us in groans that are to low for us to hear, but the Holy Father knows them and He hears what is truly on our hearts.

Jesus Christ took our Sins and marked them paid. He paid the full price, no discounts, no special coupons, it was a black Friday day, but not for the bargains, for our eternity, the full price and He did it for us, because of Love, because of Love.

When we confess our sins and repent and seek forgiveness, it is not because the Blood of Christ shed on the cross is not enough. We must repent and ask forgiveness so that we can acknowledge that we have sinned and fell short of the Glory of GOD.

Jesus Christ is our high priest at the Throne room and we are invited to come in and be in prayer with him. We that do believe and accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior are buried in him. So when GOD see’s us, He see’s His precious son. We don’t wear the uniform of the Guard, we don’t know the proper steps, the protocol that is a must, we are blemished and weak, but in Christ Jesus we are cleansed, perfection in work and one day we will be perfected in Glory, not a blemish, not a weak one and we will have no tears to shed, we will know what it is to have the full measure of the Love of GOD without sin.

When we look at the cross, Jesus was the Guard that changed the seasons of our lives from eternal damnation to a chance at eternal life. It is not a free pass to go out and sin and then say hey we are covered. Jesus paid for sin, not for sin to be ignored or to amount to nothing. When we look closely at the day we will all be judged, we have two things the changing of the Guard in Christ Jesus provided for us. First is GOD’s Mercy, when GOD withholds what we actually deserve and instead gives us something undeserved in it’s place.

The second is Grace is when GOD holds back from giving us Judgment at the moment we should receive it. What we don’t think about sadly is that each judgement where Grace has temporarily replaced it, is stacked up and waits for us to be judged. GOD will show us every sinful thing for which judgement must come for he is the fair and right judge, he must judge he is the giver of justice. We will see it and it will be overwhelming, even crushing. Then and only then will our Hope in Jesus Christ come to our understanding, if we have truly held full belief in who he is. We can be confident at that moment the book of the Lamb of GOD will be opened and our name will be sought and despite all we have done, we will be given the forgiveness that happened when the changing of Guard happened on Calvary’s hill.

We can’t just stare at the empty cross and ignore it, we need to look at the place where Jesus Christ performed the changing of the guard for our lives in eternity and made a way when there was no way impossible uncomplicated way before his sacrifice. He is the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father except through him.

Sadly, there are so many that will not take the gift of the Gospel message and embrace Jesus Christ with all their heart. They will not have the chance when the last breath and the last heartbeat passes them on from this life to the next. They will continue to refuse, find other ways that are more comfortable, make a lifetime of excuses, but when the day for them comes, they will be forever in torment because they refused to see the changing of the Guard and embrace Jesus Christ fully as He paid for our sins fully.

I pray each person that comes and reviews this artwork understands the gift of Salvation. No matter who, what, where, when or how you or your life has been, you can be saved.

The Gospel message is simple and very transforming to your life. Just start and let the Love of Christ Jesus through the Holy Spirit carry you to the gift of Salvation.

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The Gospel Message to Salvation

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If you set the world away from your life for moment and focus on the Cross and what it means, your life will be transformed. It all starts at the Cross, where Christ Jesus, paid it all for us all. Should you not consider to bask in the Glow of Jesus Christ?





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Focus on GOD through Jesus Christ, daily. If you will give GOD the focus, he will show you the reason he created you and if you commit your works to him, he will place the thoughts in your heart so you know what you should be accomplishing in your life.

God Bless and may his face shine upon you,

Artist Sharon Smith