The Marks and Scars

In the USA it is springtime leading to summer. There was an old saying that April Showers bring May Flowers and then it might go on to add Mayflowers bring Pilgrims and so the history tells depending on who you ask today.

This year, the weather in the Springtime in the USA has been wet and wild. Currently, in the mid states, there is flooding and tornados plenty. Because of rainfall, overflowing streams into rivers and backed up dams, banks of the river disappearing and covering up what was there with muddy water flowing to the end which will most likely be the sea where it will evaporate into clouds and return as rain to repeat the cycle once again.

We call this weather and it is really GOD’s way of cleaning and providing what is needed upon the earth. It is GOD’s earthly spring cleaning, Yes GOD cleans as well.

Some decades ago one of the health and beauty product makers, was trying to increase the sales of their new products. It was a simple change that leads to a significant improvement in sales of the product, 4 words were basically added to the user instructions, “Lather, Rinse and Repeat” which doubled the sales of the product overnight.

Sadly, there are many believers that are convinced the blood of Jesus Christ has some hidden instructions for use and it includes Rinse and Repeat. Jesus Christ’s bloodshed to wash away our sins was a “once for all” act of obedient Love from GOD through Christ Jesus for us on the Cross. This one action leads to death and resurrection to give victory over both the sins of all and removal of the spiritual second death for those that will come to Salvation and believe.

There is no rinse and repeat or any need for a prayer request to GOD the sins are not getting taken care of, you must have miscalculated our amount of sin we would be involved in and we need you to put Jesus back on the Cross for a do-over, or a rinse and repeat of his death and resurrection of our sin. There have been messages given by noted teachers in the word of GOD that somehow we have sinned such we have decreased the effectiveness of Christ Blood with our massive sins of today. Has anyone ever read the book of Eccelistices? There is nothing new under the sun.

When Christ Jesus took all our sins, it was all the sins from the first one in the Garden of Eden to the Last one which only GOD’s knows will be committed. We are NOT the inventors of new sins and GOD is timeless so he knows the beginning to the end, all in one moment. He knows every sin each one of us has and will commit. He knows the sins we can identify and confess to and he knows the ones we can’t or don’t recognize as sin. The ones we think, the ones that come from NOT keeping a command, not giving or helping when we see it can be done by what we have at the moment. Not walking in Faith or obedience. The sins that are hidden from everyone else, that happen in the dark corner of ourselves.

When we don’t wear the full Armor of GOD and the fiery darts impel us because that Armor just does not compliment our outfit today so by leaving it hanging in the closet, we’re opening ourselves up to temptation that leads us to possibly fall into sin and then fall short of the Glory of GOD. The Father of Lies, the accuser of the Brethren, the Roaring Lion that goes to and fro finding who he might devour gets the scent of a meal where the temptation to sin is present because the evil one is always hungry for that which will separate us from GOD. The evil one desires that we believe in fear, we have sin such that Jesus Christ blood can’t cover it so that we get the idea that Jesus Christ blood is not good enough, not always effective or needed. Even Satan knows It was marked PAID, after all, so since it is paid, we’re good !! So just sin away !! OH, we got this, it is nothing really, we can overcome it tomorrow after Bible study with a short prayer, like the one we say before the meal time only when Grandpa is around.

The payment for our sins is covered. This is true. If you’re a true believer in Jesus Christ, there is no dispute. However, what happens when we sin is not covered by that payment. While we have forgiveness by confessing and asking forgiveness, and we have a promise to be cleansed, it still leaves the marks and scars of what happened when we sinned.

These scars and marks are overlapped on others as well and can and certainly do have very long lasting and deep issues in not only the sinner’s life but in those that were affected by the sin. A case in point is King David. Because of his sin of the flesh and the blood on his hands for Uriah the husband of Bathsheba, King David never was allowed to build the temple for GOD, something he most desired to accomplish to show his Love for GOD. In Psalm 51, he cries out for the Forgiveness for his sinful transgressions and was granted to him out of GOD’s Mercy and Grace shown by GOD for true repentance. King David was not able to know his child born from the action of sin and his life would always suffer from the act of the Sword which was the death brought upon Uriah. While his second child Solomon did build the Temple and was given wealth and wisdom unmatched, even Solomon was given to the sin’s of the flesh and despite being warned by GOD not to take wives of foreign places because they would bring idols of other god’s and cause a separation from GOD by the people, Solomon did not head the scars and marks of his father and his Kingdom was removed from him.

While it is true Jesus came through King David’s ancestry line, King David was never permitted to do much of anything else as a man who was after GOD’s own heart. Yes, he did not live under the blood covenant of Christ Jesus so maybe it may not seem the same, but the 10 commandments did not go away when Christ Jesus died on the cross of our sins. In fact, Jesus pointed out on one, that adultery was committed by just lusting after another in one’s heart.

For those under the blood covenant that Jesus Christ bought with that payment on the cross, we do have the gift of Mercy and Grace which is how we receive Salvation. We do have the permission to enter the Throne room of GRACE and boldly ask to obtain Mercy for our sins which have left scars and marks. Because Jesus Christ blood will cleanse us, we are hidden in Christ Jesus, so when GOD looks at us as true believers written in the Lamb’s book of Life, he does not see the scars and the marks, he sees Jesus Christ, the one with no sin, who died and paid for all sin once for all.

Jesus gave many examples of how the gift of his blood would change things and one is well known but a key point is often missed in it’s teaching. When Jesus was brought the woman caught in the act of Adultery, Jesus knew if she did or did not do such as accused. But remember Jesus was not here at that time to judge or condemn. (John 3:17). When she had no accusers who could cast the first stone, then Jesus also stated he would not accuse her. Instead, He told her to go and sin no more. This is what the payment of sin by Jesus Christ blood gives us. In the day that the woman was caught in the act, the Law stated she was to be stoned as was her partner in the action. However, Jesus showed what would happen when He paid for our sins, it gave us a chance to GO and SIN NO MORE. The hope being we would fully repent and live life turning and fleeing from the sinful actions and not live in those sins any longer. Sin separates us from GOD and the Law of Moses would judge us and give no second chance. The Blood of Jesus Christ gives us the Mercy, the second chance to come away from the error of sin and not be judged and condemned by the law at that moment by GOD. We will be judged one day, but with the Blood of Jesus Christ, it will show paid for what we have done by not having a list of transgressions setting in the book of remembrance that can be recited because as believers and followers in Jesus Christ, it is marked PAID, blotted out by the Stamp of the ink of Christ Jesus blood. We will be clean in heart.

This is where things get out of hand by the current way the message of the Gospel might go awry in the hearts and minds of believers. Jesus Christ did not pay for our sins so we are free to frolic about sinning as we wish, thinking that it is all good. NO, that is not the case. Yes, true heart repentance with Salvation in Christ Jesus does wash away your sin, with the bloodshed of Jesus Christ on the cross, but the scars and marks that are left from those sins are not washed away. (Jesus has the marks and scars of our sins on him.) To GOD, looking at you through the cleansing blood of Salvation in Jesus Christ, he will see no scars or marks, but you can’t keep scaring and marking your life and also the lives of others. That could be taken as Mocking GOD and it is written, GOD will not be Mocked. what you sow you will reap. The effects of those sins scars and marks add up when you keep going back to the same sin over and over. There is a risk of being judged on Earth and not in heaven and this can be a case of no forgiveness. (Anania and Safira in Acts)

Read the story of King Manasseh. When he started as King he was not a king like his Father King Hezekiah. He was not a follower of GOD’s commands and instructions. When his position of King was removed by God, he very much came to GOD and repented for what he had done. GOD restored him to King eventually and true to his repentance he undid the evil things that he had done in the kingdom. But the corruption and damage done to others by his sinful actions remained for many generations and these could not be corrected or improved by this King’s repentance and changing of his ways, though he did get GOD’ s mercy and forgiveness. The marks and scars of his sins remained leading others astray who were not walking with GOD. You can see the same thing in King David’s household as well.

This is the same with Jesus Christ bloodshed, it will mark your sin paid, but the scars and marks left by your sin will not be removed or covered. Yes, Mercy can step in and create a condition such that what you deserve for your sin’s effect won’t occur or be delayed, as it is not GOD’s plan for your life. We are all created by GOD for a purpose. If GOD knows without this mercy you will not be able to fulfill your purpose, Mercy may be issued. Therefore by Mercy, it is handled not covered because the scars and marks still remain, but that is GOD’s decision and you can ask, but only GOD can grant it to you. Therefore because we struggle to not sin in a fallen and broken world, it is all the more important that we spread the Gospel message of the Cross so that the scars and marks left on others from our sins will not become a penalty to them. Let them be covered before GOD as clean and as a child of GOD through the payment of Jesus Christ death on the Cross and Illuminated by his resurrection. Let others have the same Salvation that was paid for once for all. Don’t allow their Marks and Scars feaster and lead them to the second death and away from being able to walk in the cool of the day.

I pray each person that comes and reviews this blog and my artwork understands the gift of Salvation. No matter who, what, where, when or how you or your life has been, you can be saved.

The Gospel message is simple and very transforming to your life. Just start and let the Love of Christ Jesus through the Holy Spirit carry you to the gift of Salvation.

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