The Shaking

If there is a day to remember in the USA it is the 4th of July, Independence day. In this year of 2019, the 4th of July had an additional unwelcome celebration, one of a 6.4 Earthquake in the desert of Southern California very much near and in a town called Ridgecrest, Ca. It was the following day that would be more remembered when a 7.1 Earthquake followed the 6.4 and that increase from 6.4 to 7.1 seemed 10 times more severe as the magnitude is not a linear increase, it is exponential and is not something that many people realize as we are very much accustom to linear thinking.

As one who spent most of their adult life in Southern California, it is something to report the feeling when your 100 miles away from the epicenter. However, it is quite another when you are 10 miles from the epicenter! Oh my, oh my! Glory to GOD for putting his hand on us all while we shook those days, things coming off the shelves, the walls and waking us from our sleep on July 4th.

Then starts all the activity, all the concern and the exponential  worry, the touting of bible prophecy messages, doom and gloom warning, yet Jesus Christ told us to take care when these things happen and really what to watch for when the day of his return is to happen. I saw many accounts of someone trying to compare the opening of the 7th seal as this earthquake being phopacy fulfilled, Really, are you serious?  Oh, I get all choked up when I see these who spread such deception of the GOD’s word. My choking up comes from the statement made in Revelations 22:18-20 that may touch them for not spreading what GOD word clearly tells us about events that will be important and true;

“I testify to everyone who hears the words of prophecy in this book: If anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book. 19 And if anyone takes away from the words of this book of prophecy, God will take away his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book. 20 He who testifies to these things says, “Yes, I am coming soon.” Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!… “;    so I pray for them to stop and get into the word of GOD first and then speak the truth of GOD’s word.

There are two methods to reading GOD’s word, first read through GOD’s word, use your eyes,, your ears, do it yourself. Then when you are done, Read the word of GOD through YOU ! ,based on your life experiences throughout your daily life, read the word of GOD through your life. You will see that as you experience life from infant to senior, senior (people are living to be 100 now more and more) you will see how things change in the eyes of your heart as you read, dwell and meditate on GOD’s word. Even verses that you have recited time and time again, they change in your understanding of them as your experiences change. In the end, on your day of Judgement, YOU will stand ALONE before the righteous and fair judge, our HOLY FATHER. You need to read and know GOD’s word for yourself so you can avoid being distracted and fed incorrect information from GOD’s word by well meaning people that spread fear. GOD does not spread fear. The Fear of GOD is respect and honor, not horror and despair. In Faith you will find this to be true that even in a earthquake, you are shaken, but your faith is never stirred! Satan will use these moments to cause a situation of separation of you and your faith in GOD, in His word and in your relationship with GOD. So it is imperative you not be distracted by even the most well meaning of believer’s. Many times in the New Testament we are warned of Wolves in Sheep clothing.

I challenge every believer to read for themselves the books of Revelation, Daniel, Ezekiel, and also Matthew 24 & 25. (You need to understand all of these books to understand how the prophesies are connected.) Really, read and keep in your believing heart, mind and soul the words of Jesus Christ in Matthew 7: 21-23. Truly look into yourself and ask yourself, is there any way YOU can see that Jesus would respond to you saying LORD, LORD and having His response be as it is in those verses?” Depart from me I never knew you.” Oh, truly, don’t allow yourself to be shaken by not knowing that you know, that you know, about yourself and your relationship with Jesus Christ and that Salvation is yours.

The earthquake is a reminder that the day of the LORD’s return will come. You need to be ready! You need to be ready in this moment and all the moments that follow. If shaking the earth is what is it going to take to get your heart adjusted to see you have a Savior, and regardless of circumstances of fire, earthquakes, storms, and others events on this earth you don’t need to live in fear, then know that GOD Loves YOU so much, HE WILL shake the earth as He sees fit to save each and every person. Read 2 Peter 3, all of it.

When you read the book of Revelation 6, pay attention to what is to happen at the various seal openings. Look at them precisely in your experience and understanding and then ask the Holy Spirit, if you truly are a believer in Jesus Christ, to open the eyes of your heart in your own life and your own relationship in Christ Jesus to help you see the truth and not be distracted by the fear of others who must not believe, as they would not be spreading such untruth that GOD’s word directly is not supporting. Set your calendar, reminder, whatever you use to open Proverbs 3, reading it every 3rd day of every month for the rest of your life. Pay attention to what understanding you are to use, it is NOT YOURS.

Will I be shaken again by earthquakes living so close to the Epicenter? Oh yes, in fact as I was writing this Blog entry, a 3.5 earthquake shook the desk top and the chair I am seated in. It did not stop me from reacting to it as a human being and it did not stop me from writing this message either, for GOD is still on the Throne and still in Charge, NOT US.

Nothing, should stop any believer from making sure the GOSPEL message is shared wherever a situation or circumstance arises to do so. So don’t be shaken. Instead shake the heart and soul of yourself. Make sure that you firmly believe and have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. No one can tell you this, only GOD knows, Only Jesus Christ knows if your name is entered into the Lamb’s book of Life. If so then you have the Holy Spirit in you who is helping you, comforting you in this earthly life, shaken, but never stirred to stop from believing. You can ask that Holy Spirit to help you in everything, be your advocate in your daily life and find the peace of GOD in any situation. Jesus was clear in John 16:33. Read His words and realize, volcanoes, earthquakes and other challenges will be a part of your earthly life. But read what He also stated about these things; “but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”.

I pray each person that comes and reviews this blog and my artwork understands the gift of Salvation. No matter who, what, where, when or how you or your life has been, you can be saved.

The Gospel message is simple and very transforming to your life. Just start and let the Love of Christ Jesus through the Holy Spirit carry you to the gift of Salvation.

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