The 23rd Psalm

There are many familiars about the ceremony that occurs at end of your life, the times in which family, friends, others that were a part of your life and you, theirs in some way, come and pay respects to a soul that has gone on from this life to what lay ahead.

If you attend a USA military funeral there will be several constants; tears, folding of the American Flag and presentation to a family member and the playing of “Taps”. In some situations they will be a 21 shot salute, (7 guns, 3 shots each) and for some there is even a fly over by military aircraft to honor them a fallen veteran who served their country and their flag.

If you go to a non-military funeral, memorial service or at graveside of a passing soul, you may also hear several common familiars as well like Bible verses during that service. One that has been spoken many times, even in movies is the 23 Psalm and if there is singing, Amazing Grace at least will be heard.

The passing of family has come for me recently and so I think of this Psalm spoken partly for those who attend the services to ease the sorrow by a reassurance they will not be alone and for us that remain, for now, to give us peace that we also are not alone in our lives.

I am re-posting a Blog I like with an explanation of this 23 Psalm, Please enjoy it and remember, these word are as much for us in the living years as it is for others that remain when we leave to go to eternity ourselves.

I post this Blog to honor my Cousin Charlie…


Original Post by Jennell Houts for Faithworks Centre


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