Auld Lang Syne

In 1788 Robert Burns sent the poem ‘Auld Lang Syne’ to the Scots Musical Museum, indicating that it was an ancient song but that he’d been the first to record it on paper. The phrase ‘auld lang syne’ roughly translates as ‘for old times’ sake’, and the song is all about preserving old friendships and looking back over the events of the year.

It is sung all over the world, evoking a sense of belonging and fellowship, tinged with nostalgia.

It has long been a much-loved Scottish tradition to sing the song just before midnight. Everyone stands in a circle holding hands, then at the beginning of the final verse (‘And there’s a hand my trusty friend’) they cross their arms across their bodies so that their left hand is holding the hand of the person on their right, and their right hand holds that of the person on their left. When the song ends, everyone rushes to the middle, still holding hands, and probably giggling.

Yes, Christmas, the honoring of the greatest gift our Savior Jesus Christ, has recently passed in time and now we sing this ‘Auld Lang Syne’ as the ball drops in Times Square, fireworks light the skies and we come and raise a toast in some way to what may come, but often we forget to give thanks for what has past to get us to January 1, 2019.

Jesus was the beginning of the end of our feeble attempt to try and earn our salvation, which we never could have done of our own strength. By a gift of GOD among us (Emanuel) who would grow up and about 33 years later would make the payment with his very life, once for all, began. As we begin this New Year, we are the flesh of GOD ‘s creation and seem to have a need to start a fresh, improve health, or add a Bible reading plan or give up something that tempts us and leads us to a sinful situation perhaps.

Whatever it is, suddenly the big push for the goals and resolutions for 2019 are in full force and every gym is cashing in on the bet that many will join, some will come, less will stay at it and for a year there will be a paying membership of which no effort will be given. Weight loss programs have the same goal. All of these have their place and do give attention for a moment what needs our attention, our health in some way.

It is not that we are lazy, but it is we want to change things which are of the world and in the flesh. What we should be doing is taking the steps to pray, to give thanks, to join hands in a circle and praise our GOD that created a 2019 for us to make a difference and thrive in Jesus name to spread the Gospel message, so the lost can find the way. We see them everywhere, even in the mirror. We need to be aware of how others might see us and to live so that others can see the Love of Christ in us and thus our relationship with GOD through the way the truth and the life that is Jesus Christ.

We are never asked in GOD ‘s word to be perfect. That will happen in the day we are walking in the cool of the day with GOD. Jesus did not go to gym, he walked, and observed that he had to redeem the time for the days were evil. He had to go about his father’s business he once announced to his own Mother, Mary. He prayed, daily and sincerely and he took the time to share, to be a friend, to weep with those that wept, to help another as he was able and as they had belief or Faith in what he told them and in who he really was, Jesus Christ the son of GOD. He was a teacher and He was challenged at every turn by unbelievers and sometimes his own group of believers, just like it is today.

Satan has perfected his craft of distraction so that we are focusing on the things that don’t matter so GOD’s purpose is not fulfilled, but his will is fulfilled and Jesus told us the gates of hell would not prevail against His church.

So in the rough translation of ‘Auld Lang Syne’, we should meditate using GOD’s word ‘for old times’ sake’, and tasks ourselves in preserving old friendships and looking back over the events of the year. The past has it’s place and when used in the manner GOD intends, we will see what we should do and what we should not do so that we will have a life in Christ and build up treasures in heaven where nothing will touch them because despite the earth, it is where our heart is found.

So when you are thinking about the GYM membership, do so if you will also take along the electronic device so you can hear a your favorite mix of worship music as you warm up. Then switch over to a message by one of the many messengers that are teaching us GOD’s word today and enrich your life by how GOD is speaking to you not through the treadmill or the free weights, but through the one muscle that needs the workout more so that any on the outside, your HEART for Christ Jesus and thus your HEART for GOD.

Oh and if you say the GYM is not where you are at for 2019, then seek the face of GOD, and take the challenge that if you seek me you will find me. Make 2019 the year you seek GOD, you share the Gospel and you walk the walk that GOD has called each of us to walk.

If you say you don’t know what you are supposed to do, then start your day asking GOD, what is on our agenda today? Then be at peace and let Him tell you, show you and place the voice of His Holy Spirit very clear in your being so you will know. GOD loves to play the treasure hunting game. If you are paying attention, you may meet an Angel, have a small child tell you a BIG wisdom you needed to know or you might find someone who is lost and help them find their way in Christ Jesus by planing a seed and letting GOD water and fertilize it so it will grow. When you read the Bible there is a list of people who by all accounts would not be who one might pick to do the work of GOD, but GOD has overwhelmingly demonstrated that he can take anyone in any situation and any condition and use them for do HIS will for His good, even wicked for the day of evil. So he can use you.

So make that 2019 resolution a target you want to hit on the first day and 364 days later, by asking GOD to show you the plan and path he created you for in His plan for Good, though we don’t see it. Remember His Ways are above our ways and His thoughts are above our Thoughts. So we don’t often see where the crooked path with lead, but we can see where he has always made it straight when we take the time to sing in ourselves the ‘auld lang syne’.

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God Bless and may his face shine upon you and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 !!!

Artist Sharon Smith